Network Corporate Finance has advised the senior management of Curagita Holding AG on the sale of its subsidiary Insight Agents GmbH to the business unit Agfa HealthCare of listed Agfa-Gevaert Group.

#Key data

Industry: Healthcare
Project type: M&A
Description: Sale to strategic investor
Date: December 2009


On the economic date of transition December 31, 2009, Agfa HealthCare, a business unit of listed Agfa-Gevaert Group, headquartered in Mortsel (Belgium), acquired 100% of shares of Insight Agents GmbH from Curagita Holding AG, located in Heidelberg.


The Company

Insight Agents GmbH develops, produces and distributes generic contrast media for MRI and CAT diagnosis. Next to Germany, as biggest national contrast media market in Europe, Insight Agents maintains branch offices in Belgium, France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland amongst others. Insight Agents plans to continually expand its product portfolio to a complete and worldwide marketable product range of generic contrast media to become the worldwide leading company in this niche market in the medium-term.


Key Facts

Transaction value: n.a.
Sector: Generics
Sales: EUR 4 Mio. (2009FC)
Employees: ca. 10
Date: November 2009



Senior management of Curagita Holding AG


Role of Network Corporate Finance

Network Corporate Finance created an appraisal report for the client and advised on negotiating the acquisition price and configuring the economic details of the transaction.

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