KEMAS GmbH, Oberlungwitz / Germany, a national market leader for intelligent transfer systems, was acquired by the Austrian KEBA AG, Linz. Network Corporate Finance advised the shareholders of the KEMAS GmbH exclusively on this transaction.

#Key data

Industry: Industrials
Client: KEMAS
Project type: M&A
Description: Sale to strategic investor
Date: May 2016


The shareholders of the KEMAS GmbH have sold 80% of their shares to the KEBA AG. 20% remain in the possession of the company founder’s family. For KEBA, this acquisition represents an ideal addition to their existing business.

The KEMAS name is to be retained and operates under the umbrella KEBA brand. The operative management of the new KEBA subsidiary will also remain in the hands of the established managerial team.


The Company

KEMAS GmbH, founded in 1991 specializes in self-service solutions related to the transfer of material resources such as keys, post, equipment, tools, textiles, weapons, etc. The transfer solutions facilitate the safe and clear registration, administration, storage, disposition and delivery of objects to various users, which are thus protected against unauthorized access, loss, manipulation and abuse

For additional information on KEMAS: www.kemas.de

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