The listed UmweltBank AG, Nuremberg, has raised new funds of EUR 23.5m from existing shareholders and selected institutional investors through a capital increase. Network Corporate Finance advised the company exclusively on the transaction.

#Key data

Industry: Financial Services
Client: Umweltbank
Project type: Capital Market Transactions
Description: Capital Increase
Date: August 2019


To support future growth, UmweltBank has successfully placed a total of 2,375,272 new bearer shares with existing shareholders and selected institutional investors via a capital increase with subscription right. At EUR 9.90 the subscription price was set at only 2.5% discount on the price prior to announcement of the transaction.


The Company

UmweltBank is one of the market leaders for ecological financial investments in Germany. With over 20 years of experience in financing environmental projects, particularly in the field of renewable energies and ecological buildings, the direct bank is one of the pioneers of ethical-ecological commercial banks in Europe. Thanks to its lean structures and expertise in the risk assessment of environmental projects, the bank has a cost/income ratio of 36.2%. This makes UmweltBank one of the most profitable banks in Germany and proves that ecology and economy complement each other perfectly.

The UmweltBank share is the only listed green bank in Germany and is traded in the m:access market segment of the Munich Stock Exchange. The market capitalisation is about EUR 310 million.

For additional information on Umweltbank: www.umweltbank.de

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