A further family-owned industrial group as well as the pool of private investors involved in the first round finance the further development of protarget AG, Cologne. Network Corporate Finance advised protarget AG also in connection with this transaction.

#Key data

Industry: Energy
Project type:
Description: Growth financing
Date: September 2013


 A pool of private investors has expanded its minority stake in protarget AG. Along with this equity participation the family-owned industrial group Jongen Holding GmbH invests further funds. These funds will be used to finance the setup and expansion of protarget’s international sales activities and the instalment of the first power plant projects.


The Company

protarget AG is a turn-key solar thermal power plant supplier and provides solar power systems for applications such as industrial parks, textile and food industry, agriculture and mining, hotels and remote settlements. Power plant systems range from 1 to 8 MW for decentralized and independent energy supply in the commercial segment. protarget was founded in November 2009 and has in the meantime already provided the proof of concept next to the completion of the initial prototyping phase. After the successful implementation of the in 2011 fully financed component test plant the company now starts the serial solar power plant production.

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