Network Corporate Finance has successfully advised H-Bau Technik GmbH, Klettgau on the acquisition of key assets of the insolvent KUNEX GmbH, Chemnitz.

#Key data

Industry: Industrials
Project type: M&A
Description: Acquisition by strategic investor
Date: October 2012


Following the insolvency of KUNEX, H-Bau Technik GmbH took over the fundamental assets of KUNEX’s joint tape section to further develop and strengthen its sealing division. Business operations will be continued at the location Chemnitz with the majority of Kunex’s employees.


The Companies 

KUNEX GmbH, a company operating in the segment of construction supply, is specialized in the extrusion of PVC – mainly in the production of joint tapes for constructional sealing.

H-Bau Technik GmbH is an innovative company, operating in the segment of construction supply with production focus on constructional sealing, thermal insulation and shuttering systems.

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