The executive management and previous shareholders of Native Instruments GmbH (NI) have acquired the shares of Strategic European Technologies N.V. and other minority shareholders. Network Corporate Finance together with project partner Mark Lippert provided transaction services to Native Instruments GmbH and supported in planning and executing the financial structure.

#Key data

Industry: IT & Software
Client: NATIVE
Project type: Debt Advisory
Description: Owner Buy Out / acquisition financing
Date: June 2011


In the course of an extensive restructuring of the shareholder structure the management team of Native Instruments GmbH together with previous shareholders has acquired NI shares from Duke Forest Capital managed Strategic European Technologies N.V. and other minority shareholders. The purchase price was financed through a senior loan pro-vided by IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG and mezzanine financing provided by BayernLB Private Equity GmbH. Network Corporate Fi-nance together with project partner Mark Lippert successfully advised Native Instruments GmbH in structuring, executing and financing the transaction.


The Company

 Native Instruments is a leading manufacturer of hardware and software for computer-based music production and performance. Today, Native Instruments offers a broad range of hardware and software that covers the entire spectrum of digital music creation for both professional studios and hobby musicians. Native Instruments currently employs approx. 250 people in its offices in Berlin and Los Angeles. The company now works closely with 40 international distribution partners to ensure future growth and success

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