Network Corporate Finance has acted as exclusive transaction adviser for the takeover of a minority stake in SIV.AG, held the S.E.T. fund of Duke Forest Capital, through a management buyout of S.I.V. Management AG.

#Key data

Industry: IT & Software
Client: SIV
Project type: M&A
Description: Management Buy-In
Date: November 2009


Dutch investment firm Duke Forest Capital, located in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, disposed of its minority interest in S.I.V. – Service für Informationsverarbeitung Aktiengesellschaft (“SIV.AG”) with headquarter in Roggentin near Rostock, which it held through its fund Strategic European Technologies. The minority stake was sold to S.I.V. Management AG, whose shares are owned by other senior management and board members.


The Company

SIV.AG, headquartered in Roggentin near Rostock, is a leading provider of holistic software solutions and complementary IT services for over 15 years, with exclusive focus on the international energy and water market. SIV.AG’s fully integrated, internet-enabled and multilingual IT solution “kVASy®” is currently one of the most innovative software standards and makes SIV.AG a national pioneer for the implementation of statutory provisions and regulation requirements of the Federal Network Agency (“2-Mandaten-Modell”).


Key Facts

Transaction value: n.a.
Sector: Enterprise Software and IT Services
Sales: approx. EUR 23 Mio. (2009FC)
Employees: 240
Date: November 2009



Original shareholders, Duke Forest Capital and S.I.V. Management AG


Role of Network Corporate Finance

Network Corporate Finance has advised the client and the company on the preparation and implementation of the transaction. After creating an integrated budgeting, Network Corporate Finance coordinated dialogues with financing partners for the acquirer, moderated contract discussions between the parties and negotiated economic key terms of purchase and sale agreement, as well as ensured concluding adherence to the closing requirements.

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