Network Corporate Finance has advised the Schüler founder family on the sale of 100% of their shareholding in GALFA Industriegalvanik GmbH in Finsterwalde.

#Key data

Industry: Industrials
Client: GALFA
Project type: M&A
Description: Sale to investors and management
Date: December 2007


Under the company succession, the Wolfgang Schüler family has sold 100% of its shareholding in GALFA Industriegalvanik GmbH in Finsterwalde. The sale was made to an acquiring company in which private investors have a 76% shareholding and the management of GALFA Industriegalvanik GmbH has a 24% interest. The acquiring company was advised by the Argos portfolio management company in Munich.


Target Company

In 1992, GALFA Industriegalvanik was hived off from the electroplating division of the former "PGH Frieden" production cooperative. The company concentrates on the coating of small-scale and mass-produced metallic parts, principally for customers in the automotive industry, and has shown continuous growth in the last 15 years. GALFA is one of the most successful commission finishers in Germany.


Key facts

Transaction value: not disclosed
Sector: Metal industry
Sales: EUR 15.0 million (2007e)
Employees: 110
Date: December 2007



The Wolfgang Schüler founder family, Finsterwalde


The role of Network Corporate Finance

Network Corporate Finance advised the customer and the company on the preparation and execution of the selling process. Following the preparation of the transaction documents, Network Corporate Finance, within the framework of a supervised auction, approached specific strategic investors and financial investors, provided the due diligence to a limited number of interested parties, discussed the economic key points of the sale and purchase agreement, and finally, ensured compliance with the closing conditions.

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