#Claus Nitsche & Sohn GmbH

The shareholders of Claus Nitsche & Sohn GmbH ("NITSCHE"), a distributor of high-quality essential oils and natural flavours have sold a majority stake to OQEMA AG. Network Corporate Finance exclusively advised the owners and the company on the transaction.

#Key data

Industry: Industrials
Client: Claus Nitsche & Sohn GmbH
Project type: M&A
Description: Sale to strategic investor
Date: December 2020


As part of the company's succession, NITSCHE was able to gain the OQEMA Group as its new majority shareholder. The product range is a perfect complement to the "Flavour & Fragrance" range of the OQEMA Group. NITSCHE will continue to be managed by one of the previous managing directors to combine its many years of product know-how with the international customer and supplier network of the OQEMA Group.


The Company

For over 60 years NITSCHE is specialised in high-quality essential oils, natural flavours, fragrance ingredients and innovative ingredient solutions. The company is distinguished by its analytical understanding of high-quality natural essential oils and synthetic products.

For additional information on NITSCHE: www.nitsche-gmbh.de

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