#Bastei Lübbe

NETWORK acted as debt advisor to the management of Bastei Lübbe AG and restructured the entire debt financing including an acquisition facility to acquire the publishing house “smarticular".

#Key data

Industry: Retail & eCommerce
Client: Bastei Lübbe
Project type: Debt Advisory
Description: Debt Advisory
Date: February 2021


Bastei Lübbe AG’s financing structure has been completely reorganized into long-term facilities including acquisition financing of the sustainability focused publishing house “smarticular”. The new structure with flexible, cost-effective bilateral credit lines replaces an existing, very complex syndicated loan.


The Company

The listed Bastei Lübbe AG is one of the largest trade book publisher specializing in the publication of books, audio books and eBooks with fiction and popular science content. International and national bestselling authors such as Ken Follett, Dan Brown, Jeff Kinney, Rebecca Gablé, Petra Hülsmann, Andreas Eschbach, Timur Vermes and many more have published their books at the Cologne publishing house, some of them for decades. With the acquisition of “smarticular”, Bastei Lübbe AG expands and complements its content on the topic of sustainability.

More information about Bastei Lübbe AG: www.luebbe.de

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