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We advise on all facets of your company’s equity financing. Irrespective of whether you plan an IPO, a public takeover or whether you consider your company’s delisting – Network Corporate Finance supports you in every aspect. Our experienced team structures and realizes optimal solutions in close cooperation with you. Our sustainable approach puts your company’s success at the center of our work.



Capital Increase
August 2019

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Public M&A
February 2017

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Fairness Opinion
October 2016

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Public M&A
August 2016

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Acquisition by strategic investor
April 2015

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Fairness Opinion
November 2013

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Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Capital Increases (SPOs), Being Public

We advise our clients on the route to a successful IPO. Jointly, we develop the equity story, choose the adequate stock market segment and select the syndicate banks.

For our listed clients, we offer advisory services in all aspects of "being public". This includes capital increases, control of shareholder structure, or change of the stock market segment or exchange.

Public Takeover (Public M&A)

We support our clients during the preparation and planning of a public takeover offer, the target company’s valuation, and the negotiations with the target company's shareholders.–Thus we can secure a stringent implementation of the takeover process. Here we build both on our core M&A expertise and our particular capital markets experience.

Defense Advisory

We advise target companies during a public takeover based on our transaction and capital market background. We support negotiations with the potential acquirer, analyse the takeover offer and support the preparation of the statement by the board of directors and the supervisory board. In order to qualify the fairness of the offer price, we provide a market standard fairness opinion. Our range of services is complemented by developing and implementing alternative scenarios in case of attempted hostile takeovers.

Fairness Opinion

We support our clients in forming an opinion on the adequacy of valuations during company transactions. This comprises the evaluation of offer prices within the framework of a public takeover offer as well as valuations in the context of private transactions. Our opinions apply international market standard valuation methods.

Delisting / Going Private

We advise on the capital markets strategy during the delisting process. We assess alternatives ranging from share buy-backs through control of the shareholder structure to the compensation of remaining free float shareholders (squeeze out).