AWA-AUSSENWIRTSCHAFTS-AKADEMIE GmbH (AWA), Münster, a training provider with focus on foreign trade issues, has been sold to the publishing group C.H. Beck. Network Corporate Finance has exclusively advised the shareholders of AWA in connection with this transaction.


The shareholders of AWA have sold 100% of the shares to publishing group C.H. Beck. By acquiring AWA, C.H. Beck is strengthening its training offerings and complements its existing portfolio as specialist publisher. AWA will continue to operate under its own brand with extended management.


AWA is Germany's leading provider of seminars, workshops and congresses with a focus on foreign trade issues such as customs clearance, export control, VAT and compliance. The company was founded in 1996 as a spin-off from the University of Münster and operates a conference center in Munich in addition to the headquarters in Münster.

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