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Company Succession

Succession consulting:to ensure the future of your company

The complexity of an external company succession often only becomes apparent during the preparation of the company sales process. is the reason for this is the tension between the owner/seller, who has often managed the company for decades, and an external acquirer who has limited insight into the operational processes, organisational structure, and corporate culture.

The seller wants to ensure that the company is continued successfully and in the historicall manner. What has been achieved so far should be recognized also in monetary terms. The acquirer, on the other hand, focuses on the future and the current valuation depends largely on the potential and sustainability of the company's future earnings power. The selling entrepreneur thinks in terms of opportunities, the buyer tries to correctly assess potential future risks.

In the context of company succession many questions are essential to success and most are very unique to the specific business at hand. Our task as your M&A advisor is to work out answers to these questions, to find a common level of communication and to successfully prepare the closing of the transaction and all in an objective manner.


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