The shareholders of HELD Industries GmbH sold a majority stake to INDUS Holding AG as part of a strategic partnership. Network Corporate Finance exclusively advised HELD Industries and the shareholders on the transaction.


The listed INDUS Holding AG acquires 70 % of the shares in HELD Industries GmbH. HELD Industries is positioned as a supplier of special machinery and systems for precise laser cutting and laser welding technology used for technical textiles and metalworking applications. “As part of the trend towards fully automated and AI-controlled production processes, conventional processes such as punching and welding are increasingly being replaced by laser technology,” says Dr. Johannes Schmidt, INDUS Chairman of the INDUS Board of Management. “With the acquisition of the HELD Group, INDUS will continue to grow in the automation technology sector, one of the growth industries defined by us.”


HELD Industries' systems are used in the application area of technical textiles and metal processing. The two areas include the production of airbag fabric covers respectively laser blanking for the production of medium and large quantities, laser hybrid welding systems for large-format steel components, for example for shipbuilding, and laser welding systems for hydrogen electrolysis production processes.

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