Die geschäftsführenden Gesellschafter Ralf und Manfred von Allwörden haben ihre Mehrheitsbeteiligung an der H. von Allwörden Gruppe, Mölln, an den bisherigen Minderheitsgesellschafter EDEKA Handelsgesellschaft Nord, Neumünster, verkauft. Network Corporate Finance hat die bisherigen Mehrheitsgesellschafter exklusiv im Rahmen der Transaktion beraten.


Edeka Nord increases its stake in the H. von Allwörden bakery group to 100%. NETWORK already advised the shareholders in 2018 on the two-step succession solution for the family-owned company by selling a minority stake of 45% to Edeka Nord.


With approximately 2,500 employees and around 500 locations, the H. von Allwörden Group is the leading retail bakery in northern Germany and is one of the top 5 bakery chains in Germany. Under the brands "von Allwörden," "Nur Hier," "Dallmeyers Backhus," "Knaack," "Unser Norden Landbäckerei" and "franz & friends," the company provides its customers with baked goods and quick service offerings at travel locations, shopping centers, freestanders and checkout zones.

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