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M&A Consulting:NETWORK is a competent partner for you company

The sale of a company is a complex process where success is influenced by many factors. An experienced partner who knows which factors are important in order to achieve set goals is essential. NETWORK supports you in successfully structuring, managing, and implementing the sales process of your company.

NETWORK advises medium-sized entrepreneurs, international groups and private equity investors on succession solutionsstrategic sales and mergers. We are solely committed to the success of our clients and implement our mandates with the highest level of commitment for you. In doing so, we maintain a healthy outside view of things: We know all aspects of the M&A process with any stumbling blocks that may arise along the way.

All corporate finance transactions require close cooperation between a wide range of professionals. For us, the network is both a trademark and a principle. As M&A experts, we work closely with a network of experienced transaction advisors who contribute their respective expertise to bringing a transaction to the finish line. This includes transaction lawyers, due diligence advisory, tax advisors and auditors. We manage the entire transaction and ensure that our clients and their companies are optimally prepared for the corporate transaction to be closed.

A successful the sale of a company requires that the M&A advisor understands the business model and the industry of the client and its company. Market analyses, profound knowledge of the market participants and their strategies as well as direct access to the respective decision-makers are part of the expertise that we at NETWORK have built up over many years and which are essential for the success of a corporate transaction. Our task is to optimally prepare your company for the sale or acquisition, while implementing the transaction process with utmost confidentiality. Our objective is to make sureyour company's operations are not affected by the transaction process by time and resource contraints.

NETWORK's M&A consultants are responsible for the project management, organisation, and coordination of the entire M&A process. Our goal is the optimal preparation and implementation of the sale while saving resources and time on the management side.

The NETWORK transaction team consists of experienced industry experts. Under time pressure, the transaction team can rely on more than 20 highly skilled employees, always guaranteeing comprehensive advice and high reaction speed.

NETWORK develops a targeted marketing strategy for the the sale of a company and presents it in the transaction documents (including teaser, information memorandum, management presentation).

An important criterion in the sale of the company is the presentation of the company's sustainable earning power. To this end, the existing financial data must be adjusted for special effects, the sustainable financial strength must be derived in the financial data (financials) and thus the value of the company maximised. In addition to the preparation of the historical financial figures, NETWORK also conducts plausibility checks of the business and financial plan, points out possible issues at an early stage and thus lays the foundation for an attractive company valuation.

In order to find the right buyer for a potential company sale, NETWORK will identify potential interested buyers (within a long list) and will, together with the client, determine a final contact list (short list). NETWORK will then confidentially approach potential investors by drawing on relationships with long-standing industry contacts that have grown over the years.

will actively work with due diligence professionals on a digital data room to manage  the due diligence process and thus the company audit.  The due diligence process can be carried out in parallel with several potential purchasers. NETWORK usually identify possible problem areas of a transaction prior tothis due diligence process and actively works on finding adequate solutions for the process.

NETWORK works actively with the client's lawyers and tax advisors to jointly achieve an optimal result for our clients. The remuneration structure of our consultancy services, which is partly performance-related, leads to an alignment of interests in this respect. 

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