#Network International

Network International is a close cooperation with long-standing partnerships initiated by us. Our partner firms in the US, India and South East Asia provide global reach to our clients. Additionally we enjoy close ties with seasoned investment bankers and advisory firms in all major European markets.

Our business is international. The majority of our engagements is executed cross-border. Transaction success is ensured both through our international experience and background, as well as the long-term cooperation with established international partners.

Entrepreneurial leadership and independence guarantee high personal commitment and seamless project management across geographies. We carefully select our international partners. By choosing independent entrepreneurs, who commit to the same professional standards, we ensure successful cross-border cooperation.

The Indian market is covered by our partnership with MAPE Advisory Group. Through this partner-led Mid-Market investment bank, Network Corporate Finance is represented at three Indian locations.

RA Capital Advisors, San Diego/CA, is an established and highly reputed US mid-market advisory firm. Through this close cooperation we provide our clients with reliable access to the North American market.

Scouting S.p.A. is an independent advisory firm with more than 15 years of experience Corporate Finance and M&A. With offices in Bologna and Parma, we are present in Italy’s key economic and manufacturing regions.